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Over 50? So What! – Season Ten, Episode Eight

Making your mortgage payments with rising interest rates – Christine Williams Property Strategist.

For people who have mortgages, it seems every week – there is another interest rate hike – and we’ve had more than 10 in a row. There is a lot of concern as to whether this is going to continue, slow down or stabilize. We speak with property strategist Christine Williams from Smarter Property Investing. Christine is known as the Go To Girl and is one of two women voted in the Top 10 Property Specialists in Australia. She is also a speaker and author of the 10 year commitment and Suddenly Single.

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Over 50? So What! – Season Seven, Episode One

Hypnotherapy as a resource for your toolkit when facing mental emotional challenges – Joe Busuttil When it comes to mental or emotional challenges, you may have tried counselling or studied mindfulness, but have you ever tried Hypnotherapy? And do you know anything about it? We chat to Joe Busuttil who is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist,…

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Over 50? So What! – Season Nine, Episode One

Rainbow Tick with Val’s LGBTI – finding and providing services welcoming to the LGBTI Community. You can keep fit at any age – hoops, bands, balls, weights – meet 80 year old June Hewitt & others.

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Over 50? So What! – Season Ten, Episode One

Tips for Optimism with Victor Perton from the Centre for Optimism With CoVid, bushfires and recently floods it’s been very challenging to stay positive and optimistic. We chat to Victor Perton, The Chief Optimism officer for some more tips. Victor is the Author of “Optimism: The How and Why” and “The Case for Optimism: The…

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