No Limits TV – Retrospective

Since the broadcast of its first episode in 2003, No Limits rapidly evolved. During its run it produced between 13 and 26 half hour episodes per year and broadcast on Channel 31 in Melbourne and Geelong, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.

An icon of community television broadcasting, No Limits was included in ACMI’s TV50 exhibition in 2006, celebrating Australian television since its first transmission.

Produced and presented by people with disabilities, No Limits did not shy away from difficult issues and revels in the discussion of all things complex + controversial.

No Limits aimed to impact positively on mainstream media in their storylines about people with disabilities and in the accurate reflection of our society and its 20% of Deaf + disabled people. Currently mainstream and other media lack the presence of people with disabilities and where they are represented it is in a stereotypical way, usually “Super-crip” (outstanding achievement in overcoming the drawback of a disability) or Tragic victim (horror stories and acquired disabilities).

No Limits showed, and challenged other media to show, people with disabilities as proud, shameless, defiant, respected, denied members of society, capable of great contribution to an inclusive society.

No Limits TV was broadcast from 2003 to 2014 and received 9 Antenna Awards along with 5 nominations during its run.

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