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There are many abstract pieces of steel public art but there are few that have physically gone on a sightseeing tour of their own city. Ron Robertson-Swann’s ‘Vault’ has been part of Melbourne since 1980 and continues to cause conversation. Jess Perkins tells Vault’s story in this episode of ‘Do Go On Presents: Arty Facts’.

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Joy Hester

Joy Hester’s ‘Love I’ is a fascinating piece with an equally fascinating story behind its creation.Affairs, angst and an art gallery built on an ancient cow burial ground all play an important role in the life of Joy Hester. Jess Perkins tells Joy Hester’s story in this episode of Do Go On Presents: ArtyFacts. Each…

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Portrait of a Lady

Mary Beale was a 17th-century trailblazing painter and her piece ‘Portrait of a Lady’ currently hangs at the National Gallery of Victoria. But who is the Lady? What the heck is a cartouche? And what’s Mary Beale’s whole deal? Dave Warneke explains in this episode of ‘Do Go On Presents: Arty Facts’. Each week Arty-Facts…

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From being shown at the Paris Salon to finding its permanent home in a Melbourne pub, Chloé is a painting intrinsically linked with the lives of poets, soilders and punters hungry for a parma. Matt Stewart reveals the story of Chloé in this episode of ‘Do Go On Presents: Arty Facts’.

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