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Rose Street Pantry – Season 1, Episode 6

On this episode of Rose Street Pantry we meet Ian and Courtney from Woodstock Flour. A young couple making us rethink the way we view the humble bag of flour. Established in 2016 Woodstock Flour has a focus on wholegrain, stoneground flours from grain grown on Ian’s family farm ‘Woodstock’ in Berrigan, NSW. Woodstock has been in Ian’s family for four generations and has been Certified Organic for 24 years.

The farm integrates sheep, cattle and various crops on a beautiful 2000 acre property in the Southern Riverina. Ian and Courtney both wanted to work on the land and saw farming as a means for environmental restoration and community building. They also saw an opportunity to provide their community with fresh flour of known provenance, which wasn’t common at the time.

After testing the waters with a small benchtop flour mill at farmers markets, they imported a New American Stone Mill in early 2018 and have since been supplying freshly milled flour to bakeries, restaurants, shops and families in their local region and across Victoria!

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