Recipe for Love – Episode Six

In this episode of Recipe For Love we meet Huw, a media advisor with huge curiosity for the world around him; Marianne, a health administrator looking for someone thoughtful and kind; and Julie, an accountant who loves art who is looking for someone spontaneous and compassionate!

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Recipe for Love – Episode One

In this episode of Recipe for Love we meet Kathy, a country dentist looking for a man who is compassionate and energetic; Milton, a gardening guru looking for a woman who loves to travel; and Darren, a financial planner looking for someone to make him laugh.

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Recipe for Love – Episode Two

In this episode of Recipe For Love we meet Jack, a social worker from Singapore looking for someone exciting and insightful; Salli. a vibrant personal trainer looking for a traditional man who will sweep her off her feet; and Vicki, a customer care consultant looking for a down to earth foodie who enjoys life!

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Recipe for Love – Episode Three

In this episode of Recipe For Love we meet David, a vineyard worker looking for someone who has similar interests in photography and water sports; Angelique, an accounts manager who loves dancing and is looking for a caring man who is rugged and spontaneous; and finally, Tina, who is ex-military and looking for someone honest…

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