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Over 50? So What! – Season Seven, Episode Five

Are you feeling stuck in different areas of your life or thinking? Dr Gary Wohlman has a technique for you.

Have you been feeling stuck? Like you want to make a change in your life, but you can’t seem to get moving? Maybe you want to leave your job, follow your passion, find a new partner or improve your relationships. We learn about another technique to help you do just that. We meet Dr Gary Wohlman, The Presentation Doctor and Transformational Body Therapist With a Pre-Med and Psychology Degree under his belt, Gary pursued further studies in the Human Potential movement and fifty years ago developed the “Wohlman Method for the Whole Person“, which was accredited by the Australian Department of Education & Training (DET) Gary also has a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy, He is an author, speaker and trainer and has been contracted many global corporations.

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Over 50? So What! – Season Nine, Episode One

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Managing loss with Grief Recovery Specialist Jodie Atkinson & joining a writers group

Strategies on coping with loss with Jodie Atkinson author of ‘Have You Met My Grief’. Taking up writing later in life we meet more writers from the Bayside U3A writers group.

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