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Mount Gambier Travel Guide, Off Grid Camping, Blue Lake & Sinkhole Snorkelling

If you’re heading to Mount Gambier on South Australia’s southern coast you’ll love this episode as we share our full Mount Gambier Travel Guide, with all the details you need to know on where to stay, what to do, and where the adventure can be found! Explore Mount Gambier! Join us on an adventure at Pine Ridge Hip Camp, where spacious sites and beautiful surroundings make for the perfect escape. Discover the unexpected reactions of local wildlife as we fire up the barbecue and delve into the secrets of Muntries (also known as Emu apples), a native bush food that add a unique twist to our off-grid Muffin creation.

Dive deep into Mount Gambier’s mesmerising sinkholes. Take in breathtaking views of the ever-changing Blue Lake and learn about its significance throughout the seasons. Explore the local attractions along the Southern Ocean Drive and gain insights into the fascinating distillation process of KSBY Sink Co’s signature gin. In this episode, we showcase the versatility of outdoor cooking using the Weber, share tips for choosing a suitable campsite, and highlight the advantages of an outdoor kitchen in enhancing your travel experience.

Enjoy the Southern Australian wildlife, embark on sinkhole diving adventures, and indulge in Mount Gambier’s family-friendly activities.

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