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Hot Dog With The Lot – Season Two, Episode Six

What do you get when you mix a vegetarian with Hot Dog With The Lot? A very unhappy Tuffy, that’s what. Dom does his best to control proceedings but can’t prevent our vegetarian contestant Caroline from stealing Tuffy’s cheese. Amidst the chaos Alana, our last contestant of the evening, proves that she is not necessarily the demographic for the 80’s cartoon, He-Man.

Filmed at The Corner Hotel. Original airdate 14th February 2006, on C31 Melbourne.

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Our first contestant tonight is Anna, who was so inspired by a question about the novel Fight Club that our host Dominic was lucky to leave the show with his spleen intact. And lastly we have Jamie, a nice young man from Chicago who made everything right again. Filmed at The Corner Hotel. Original air…

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Hot Dog With The Lot – Season One, Episode Ten

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Hot Dog With The Lot – Season Two, Episode Three

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