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Babushka’s Readymaid Varenki

After Topher cancels a business pitch, Brick meets Colleen (Jacqy Phillips), a pragmatic loner and children’s illustrator who gives Brick some tough love on the subject of connection and grief.

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Vegetarian Roast Beef

Launching the beta test of Dinner with Friends, Brick (Nathan O’Keefe) meets Jackie (Anna Steen), a strung out health insurance executive deep in marital difficulties. Dinner with Friends is a tragi-comedy series of six episodes following Clive ‘Brick’ Murphy, a gentle, unflappable optimist, as he tests his self-designed prototype website, Dinner With Friends, to eat dinner…

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Tomato Soup

Brick’s surprising second guest is Casper (Dale March), a self-proclaimed suburban vampire, whose secret life is becoming increasingly difficult while in isolation with his young family. Meanwhile, Brick receives his mother’s ashes and the grim reality of life without her settles in. Dinner with Friends is a tragi-comedy series of six episodes following Clive ‘Brick’ Murphy,…

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It’s Brick’s birthday, but his celebratory spirits are dampened by his sister’s suggestion he sell his mum’s house. Meanwhile, he meets Topher Spool (Chase Coleman), a Silicon Valley tech bro who wants to work with Brick to roll out his website to the masses, for a small angel investment from Brick.

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